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October 10, 2019
Is A "Climate Change" Occurring Among Republicans?

Stories about climate action increasingly feature young people as leading voices. In the United States, young people are leading the way on the issue of climate change in an unusual place: the heart of the Republican Party. Sarah Hunt explains in a recent article that a growing majority of young Republicans view climate action as a policy priority.

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October 9, 2019
We Need To Stop America’s Nuclear Brain Drain

The United States' leadership in nuclear power is in decline, as our CEO, Sarah Hunt, explains in a new article. The answer may lie in a bipartisan bill called the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act.

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October 2, 2019
It's Time for the US to Take Grid Security Seriously, Hunt Says

Twenty-first century life, from life-saving technological advancements in hospitals to improved food storage, depends heavily on a reliable electric grid. Each year our demands on the grid rise, and according to Sarah Hunt, the grid is increasingly at risk which is a national security issue.

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