Registration Open Now for Colloquium on Environmental Policy

We are excited to help our friends at American Conservation Coalition Campus (ACC) launch their inaugural policy colloquium, along with the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC), later this month in Washington, DC. The event’s aim is to engage and educate young Capitol Hill policy leaders on “market-based, corporate-led, limited government environmental reforms.” Attendees will […]

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Garrison on MSNBC, says Democratic Presidential Primary is “Healthy for Democracy”

Bishop Garrison, Rainey Center president and co-founder, was on MSNBC over the weekend to discuss the Democratic candidates currently investing time in Iowa in preparation for the presidential primary.

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The New York Times Profiles Sarah Hunt as a Leading Conservative Climate Advocate

Sarah Hunt, CEO and co-founder of the Rainey Center, was profiled in The New York Times’ Climate Fwd: newsletter recently as a prominent figure in the trend of young conservatives and Republicans becoming more environmentally conscious. Hunt shared that when climate change deniers within the GOP start challenging someone’s conservative credentials, such as her own, […]

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Podcast: Garrison Explains How to Build Bridges in Policy, Says “No One Side Has All the Answers”

Bishop Garrison, president and co-founder of the Rainey Center, was recently on an episode of Breakthrough Institute’s podcast, Breakthrough Dialogues.  In this episode, Garrison discussed the founding of the Rainey Center and why he thinks cross-partisanship matters. “We recognize that no one side has all the answers to any problem. It’s going to take individuals […]

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The Data From Your Health Tracking Apps May Be Used Against You In Court

In a new op-ed for Protego Press, our CEO and co-founder, Sarah Hunt, along with Meghan Bishop, fellow for innovation and technology, shine a light on one of the unfortunate dark sides of technology. Apple recently enhanced their health app for women with a new feature called Cycle, where women can record their menstrual cycles, […]

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Robert Dillon Says Both Sides of the Aisle Need to Build on “Common Values” to Combat Climate Change

Robert Dillon, associate fellow for energy security for the Rainey Center, was recently interviewed by National Review about a recent push by some conservative lawmakers to consider a carbon tax. While pro-carbon tax conservatives believe that such a solution would be market-friendly and may even spur on green energy innovation, Dillon suggests an alternative, because […]

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Garrison in Vox, Democratic hopefuls need to address China, climate change, and Afghanistan

Rainey Center president and co-founder, Bishop Garrison, was featured in an article in Vox discussing the foreign policy issues that experts want the 2020 Democratic hopefuls to address in the second round of debates happening this week. Garrison said he would ask the candidates the following three questions: How do we counter and compete with […]

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Rainey Center Welcomes More Mavericks to Growing Team

The Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy is excited to welcome new staff and research fellows as we expand our team of cross-partisan, pragmatic problem solvers.   The Rainey Center welcomes Bartlett Cleland as the executive director of the Rainey Center’s Leadership Alliance for a More Perfect Union (LAMP) program. In this role, he will interface […]

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Scholar Stephen Cobb Explains Why Lawyers Need To Improve Their Media Skills

Stephen Cobb, associate fellow for innovation and technology for the Rainey Center, wrote for Bloomberg Law recently that it is important for attorneys to hone their media skills. The reality of 24-hour news coverage is that legal topics, such as Congressional investigations, will be reported every day and will stir the interest of the American […]

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Garrison says infrastructure security should be a “non-partisan issue”

Rainey Center president and co-founder, Bishop Garrison, was recently published in the Aspen Institute’s blog where he argues that cybersecurity ought to be taken seriously, and is not a simple, single platform threat. He says, It’s not simply the “grid”, although that is at risk. In fact, Russia is said to have spent years inserting […]

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