Inaugural LAMP Forum Convenes State Lawmakers For Energy Policy Exchange

Lawmakers representing different political parties and states gathered for the inaugural LAMP Forum in Los Angeles, California. This event featured three days of engaging dialogue between state policymakers and a diverse group of experts on the topic of energy innovation.

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America Should Support Everyone Who Has Served, Garrison Says

On Veterans Day, our Bishop Garrison called on Congress to support those who have served with the United States’ forces in Syria. Garrison, together with co-author Benjamin Haas, wrote in an article that Veterans Day is meant to remember everyone who has served.

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2020 Could Be A “Year To Remember” For Offshore Wind Energy

States along the U.S. East Coast are building offshore wind turbines as a renewable energy source. Our co-founder and CEO, Sarah Hunt, together with Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions' Charles Hernick, recently published an article about the potential for offshore wind and why the regulators ought to act promptly to encourage its development.

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We Need “A Serious National Discussion About Climate Policy," Hunt Says on C-SPAN

The primary race for the Democratic presidential nomination is heating up, and among many hot topics, voters want to know what the candidates are going to do about our warming globe. Rainey Center co-founder and CEO, Sarah Hunt, weighed in on the candidates and their plans on an Atlantic Council’s energy panel, titled, “Democratic Presidential […]

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How Do We Balance Security and Privacy in a World of Facial Recognition?

California’s Governor Newsom recently signed into law a state-wide ban on the use of facial recognition surveillance by law enforcement agencies. Our Bartlett Cleland explains in new article why this is a “decisive move” for individual privacy, but warns that the appropriate use of this technology is complicated.

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Cobb Named "Top 40 Under 40" in Richmond, VA

Stephen Cobb, attorney and associate fellow for innovation and technology for the Rainey Center, has been named one of 2019's "Top 40 Under 40" by Style Weekly in Richmond, VA.

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Is A "Climate Change" Occurring Among Republicans?

Stories about climate action increasingly feature young people as leading voices. In the United States, young people are leading the way on the issue of climate change in an unusual place: the heart of the Republican Party. Sarah Hunt explains in a recent article that a growing majority of young Republicans view climate action as a policy priority.

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We Need To Stop America’s Nuclear Brain Drain

The United States' leadership in nuclear power is in decline, as our CEO, Sarah Hunt, explains in a new article. The answer may lie in a bipartisan bill called the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act.

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It's Time for the US to Take Grid Security Seriously, Hunt Says

Twenty-first century life, from life-saving technological advancements in hospitals to improved food storage, depends heavily on a reliable electric grid. Each year our demands on the grid rise, and according to Sarah Hunt, the grid is increasingly at risk which is a national security issue.

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Sarah Hunt Addresses the Question: Is Climate Bipartisanship Possible?

Sarah Hunt participated in a keynote panel which asked the question, is climate bipartisanship possible? As a leader in conservative clean energy policy, Hunt provided a vision of climate action that was founded on traditional, conservative values.

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