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October 26, 2020

New Bi-Partisan Indiana Poll Sends Clear Message to 2020 Candidates: “We Care About Energy Development”

By Rainey Center

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WASHINGTON, D.C - (October 26, 2020) - The results of a new, statewide Indiana survey indicates growing support among likely voters for policy initiatives that proactively consider the energy future of the Hoosier State and clean energy development nationally. The survey polled 629 respondents across Indiana and explored voter sentiments regarding Indiana’s current energy policies and the importance of energy issues in casting their ballots over the next nine days.

The bipartisan survey reported 66% of Hoosiers support a proactive energy strategy that reduces fossil fuel use, increases renewable energy and promotes energy independence. A substantial majority of respondents (63%) also support the premise that the promotion of clean energy will create more jobs in Indiana; with 50% indicating that the promotion of policies conducive to energy independence will play a key role in choosing a candidate to support. 

“These polling results confirm what we have always known - that conservative voters consistently support affordable, clean energy initiatives,” Sarah E. Hunt, co-founder and CEO of the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy noted. “It’s no surprise that in America’s heartland, a majority of Republican voters want more of the economic and environmental sustainability that clean energy brings to their communities.”

"The electorate, as a whole, is surprisingly unified in their conviction that clean energy is vital to our economic and environmental future,” CEN President & CEO, Mark Pischea. “It is encouraging to see such strong support among Indiana voters for market-based, clean energy policies that lead to job creation, greater affordability and decreased energy dependence."

Please join us on Monday, October 26, at  4:00 PM EDT (3:00 CDT) for a panel exploring the breakdown of poll results and electoral implications featuring pollster John Vinson, Vice President at Ragnar Research Partners; Sarah E. Hunt, co-founder and CEO of the Joseph Rainey Center For Public Policy; and Jared Noblitt, Executive Director, Indiana Conservative Alliance for Energy. Space is limited and early registration is encouraged. 

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