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October 10, 2019

Is A "Climate Change" Occurring Among Republicans?

By Rainey Center

Stories about climate action increasingly feature young people as leading voices. In the United States, young people are leading the way on the issue of climate change in an unusual place: the Republican Party. Our Sarah Hunt, CEO of the Rainey Center, explains in a recent article for Morning Consult that a growing majority of young Republicans view climate action as a policy priority. Hunt explains,

Of Republicans between the ages of 23 and 38, almost 60 percent “say that climate change is having an effect on the United States, and 36 percent believe humans are the cause,” reports the New York Times. Young Republicans now place a greater emphasis on addressing climate change than their older counterparts who occupy political positions...

The barometer of public opinion indicates that if Republicans want to survive through next November, they urgently need to engage with Americans’ concerns about global warming.

While this change has certainly not fully swept the party leadership, the time is right for Republicans to put their own proposals forward to address climate change. According to Hunt, Democrats have long led on this issue with their "collectivist solutions to climate change," but there are free enterprise-driven solutions as well, and Republicans can be the ones to champion them. She said,

Republicans now have the opportunity to not just join but lead the climate conversation because the strongest weapon against global warming is also one of the strongest planks of conservatism: Free enterprise fosters innovation...

Our nation has the opportunity to continue progress toward a greener future without sacrificing economic growth or reducing our standard of living. Republicans can promote a zero-emissions future using “technology neutral” standards, rather than forcing particular fuels — and the workers in those sectors — out of America’s energy mix.

Read more about this trend and read the entire article here: The Climate Change We Need: Republicans Ready to Lead on Clean Energy

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