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September 13, 2019

We Can Address America’s Trust Problem Through Service, Garrison Says

By Rainey Center

Rainey Center co-founder and president, Bishop Garrison, was recently published in Thrive Global along with co-author Mary Beth Bruggeman, president of The Mission Continues. Both are veterans of military service and coalition members of Serve America Together, a campaign to make national service part of growing up in America. In this article, they outline how America can solve its biggest current threat to national security: lack of shared trust.

Garrison and Bruggeman explain that September 11 is a national day of service and this is an important first step to recovering trust. They say,

Service not only builds character, skills, teamwork, and grit, but these values are reflected in the communities of veterans and alumni who have served. This sense of ownership over one’s actions, resilience in the face of challenges, and interconnectivity makes us more likely to see the results of our efforts and to recognize the institutional and democratic pathways to change.

Garrison and Bruggeman are clear that military service this is not a path for everyone, saying, “Less than 30% of young Americans even qualify for the US Armed Services and there are only 60,000 full-time civilian service year opportunities available each year.” There are other ways for Americans to serve each other through national service. They explain,

As coalition members of Serve America Together, a campaign to make national service part of growing up in America, we are working to change this reality. We believe that national service can promote a new commitment to our communities, to our country, and to our security at home. It can be the common bond among citizens from small towns and big cities, among Christians, Muslims, and Jews, and among those of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Serving our country — whether in the military or as a civilian — has the power to strengthen our nation and unify our citizens.

Read the entire article here: How to solve America’s biggest national security threat

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