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August 8, 2019

Podcast: Garrison Explains How to Build Bridges in Policy, Says “No One Side Has All the Answers”

By Rainey Center

Bishop Garrison, president and co-founder of the Rainey Center, was recently on an episode of Breakthrough Institute’s podcast, Breakthrough Dialogues

In this episode, Garrison discussed the founding of the Rainey Center and why he thinks cross-partisanship matters. “We recognize that no one side has all the answers to any problem. It’s going to take individuals working together to really come together and forge solutions to all the issues that ail us.”

This is why, together with CEO and co-founder Sarh Hunt, Garrison decided it was time to start a policy organization that bridged the political divide and worked for common solutions on issues. The podcast description says:

Bishop Garrison’s son, Gus, is just over a year old. Nothing is set in stone for him; he’s full of open-minded wonder, curiosity, and exuberance. For Bishop, it’s a perfect representation of the kind of world he’s working to create in his professional life: as president and co-founder of the Rainey Center, Bishop envisions a post-partisan America that’s built bridges across all sorts of divides. In fact, the Center came to be through a friendship between Bishop – an African American, left-leaning man working in national security – and Sarah Hunt – a conservative woman working in clean energy. Today, their organization embraces the idea that diverse voices lead to creative solutions, and they never shy away from the most difficult conversations. They see the world the way Gus does, and maybe that can scale: an inclusive worldview for a stronger climate politics.

Cross-partisanship is something Garrison hopes for in the future and believes that the Rainey Center can help bring about. He said, “I think we want to see the best solutions, the best ideas always become the cream the crop.”

Listen to the entire episode here: Building Bridges for Stronger Climate Policy

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