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July 30, 2019

Rainey Center Welcomes More Mavericks to Growing Team

By Rainey Center

The Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy is excited to welcome new staff and research fellows as we expand our team of cross-partisan, pragmatic problem solvers.  

The Rainey Center welcomes Bartlett Cleland as the executive director of the Rainey Center’s Leadership Alliance for a More Perfect Union (LAMP) program. In this role, he will interface with legislators from across the country, run LAMP programs and seminars, and host a leadership training program. Previously, Cleland served on the Internet Education Foundation Board of Directors, where he worked closely with the Internet Caucus on Capitol Hill. He also served two terms as the Chair of the Technology and Communications Taskforce of the American Legislative Exchange Council. 

Robert Dillon is also joining the Rainey Center as an associate fellow for energy security. His work will focus on market design, energy security, natural resource management, and environmental matters. Before accepting this position, Dillon was the Republican communications director of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee in 2008 through 2016 under Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. He also served as a senior advisor on Senator Lisa Murkowski’s historic 2010 write-in campaign and 2016 campaign.

The Rainey Center also welcomes Meghan Bishop to our team as an associate fellow for innovation and technology. In this role, she will concentrate on technology integration in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency in government entities. Before joining the Rainey Center, Bishop spent ten years practicing law in Oregon, with a focus on juvenile delinquency and dependency laws. She also represented parents from the Native Village of Afognak in the Grand Ronde tribal court and advocated for the passage of laws that would improve outcomes in the juvenile justice system.

As a cross-partisan, 501(c)3 public policy research and leadership development community by and for women, minorities, and mavericks, we are excited for the diverse perspectives that Cleland, Dillon, and Bishop are bringing to our growing team. We believe that when public policy is shaped by voices as diverse as America herself, we will uncover creative solutions never before seen to our pressing policy challenges. 

Read more about our mission here.

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