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July 18, 2019

Garrison says infrastructure security should be a “non-partisan issue”

By Rainey Center

Rainey Center president and co-founder, Bishop Garrison, was recently published in the Aspen Institute’s blog where he argues that cybersecurity ought to be taken seriously, and is not a simple, single platform threat. He says,

It’s not simply the “grid”, although that is at risk. In fact, Russia is said to have spent years inserting malicious malware into American oil and gas systems that have left many portions of infrastructure vulnerable. As this takes place, there is an ongoing debate over the cyber security threat Huawei may pose to the world’s future 5G network and privacy, and a potential escalation of cyber offensive operations between the United States and Russia, as recent reports indicate the former Soviet nation’s power grid has been infiltrated by U.S. forces.

Garrison is a national security expert, who served under President Obama and consulted the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign on foreign policy. He explains that America is at risk because we have “not created a comprehensive cyber plan” to address all potential cyber threats. He then moves on to illustrate how we have been compromised in the past, saying,

The Mueller investigation disclosed intrusions into the county election systems of two Floridian municipalities. Further, the FBI believes the operation allowed foreign operatives to go further and breach the government system of at least one of the counties.

Garrison argues that infrastructure security, especially in regards to our open and free democratic elections, should be a “non-partisan issue.” He says, “it’s a problem for all liberal democracies and should be of great concern to NATO, the UN, and other like-minded coalitions."

He concludes that "the United States and its allies are faced with a multifaceted, highly complex threat that we are currently not capable to handle or, arguably, fully aware of the scope and depth.”

Read the full post here: The U.S. Faces. Cyber Threats on Multiple Fronts of Infrastructure

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