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June 17, 2019

Hunt explains why Ohio’s HB 6 is not the solution for clean air

By Rainey Center

The Ohio House of Representatives passed HB 6 last month with a promise to Ohioans that their electricity bills would go down by opening up more energy options.

In a new op-ed for Townhall, Rainey Center’s co-founder, Sarah Hunt, examines this bill and explains why that promise will not be kept. In reality, HB 6 will do the opposite—it will raise electricity bills and may actually harm the air. Hunt says:

HB 6 subsidizes two aging coal plants, one of which is not even in Ohio, and bails out two nuclear power plants at a $150 million price tag. All of this is done on the backs of Ohio families. Instead of lowering taxes for Ohioans, lawmakers are funding an anti-free market bailout by essentially adding a new tax to residents’ electric bills.

The truth is, these power plants can’t compete in today’s energy market. Cheap natural gas is putting pressure on both the coal and nuclear industries. No ratepayer funded bailout will alter this economic fact. Energy bailouts like this HB 6 are a nonsensical answer to the challenge of providing affordable, reliable, clean energy to Ohio families. All they do is punish innocent ratepayers and eliminate competition.

Hunt goes on to explain that even though this bill is being pushed by conservatives in the Ohio legislature, its policy recommendations are at odds with conservative values and should be rejected.

Read the op-ed here: Ohio’s HB 6 Contradicts Conservative Values

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