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June 12, 2019

Americans want to see action, but Washington is only delivering gridlock

By Rainey Center

This week Bishop Garrison, co-founder and president of the Rainey Center, was interviewed on MSNBC regarding the gridlock in Washington and the congressional approval ratings.

The segment began with the question, “how are Americans viewing the feuding, the diverging messages, and the gridlock in Washington?” Garrison answered that the American people “care a great deal” about issues such as immigration, saying, “they want to see action, they want to see something that is actually going to change what’s happening across the board and right now, they’re not seeing it.”

The conversation also discussed this session’s lack of process on any major piece of legislation. Garrison noted how Congressional leadership is largely responsible for the gridlock in Washington DC, and stated, “I don’t think we ultimately get anything completely done or accomplished within the Senate until we have new leadership.”

Watch the full interview here:

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