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May 20, 2019

Hunt explains key energy storage elements of DOE's 2020 budget request

By Rainey Center

The Department of Energy (DOE) included new initiatives for advanced energy storage technologies in their fiscal year 2020 budget request to Congress. A step which Sarah E. Hunt, co-founder and CEO of the Rainey Center, says is critical to “integrating more clean energy into every portion of the power grid.”

In an Expert Voices contribution for Axios, Hunt describes how energy storage technology deployment has been slow due to a “scarcity of technical information on [their] economic performance.” This proposal will work to lower those barriers, allowing renewable sources like solar or wind power to help meet the high energy demand of peak times.

The proposal from the DOE also includes the creation of a grid storage “launchpad” that would “allow teams to test and evaluate new advanced storage technologies.” This element of the project is estimated to cost $5 million, but “it will be partially offset with a $2.5 million reduction in research spending elsewhere.”

Learn more about the proposal, and why energy storage technology is key to our energy future, here: Department of Energy seeks to kickstart storage under new budget.

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