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May 16, 2019

What the United States can do to combat corporate espionage in the energy sector

By Rainey Center

Energy companies within the United States have been facing an increasing threat out of China: corporate espionage and intellectual property theft. This active assault threatens not only our economy but also our energy security and the future of energy innovation. Sarah Hunt, CEO of the Rainey Center and clean energy expert, recently explained in Protego Press what the stakes are in this ongoing confrontation, and how the United States can do more to protect ourselves.

Hunt explains that “we are losing hundreds of billions of dollars each year, as well as discouraging innovation at energy companies since we’re failing to protect them.” Tech giants, such as T-Mobile, Apple, and Tesla, are certainly some of the high-profile victims, but as many as one in five U.S. companies claim that Chinese agents have stolen their intellectual property.

There are things that the US can do to better protect our companies and innovators, and Hunt explains that we’ve already made some moves in the right direction. She lays out specific next steps for private companies and for Congress to take to ensure that the innovators of today and tomorrow won’t be the next victims of Chinese corporate espionage.

Read the full article here.

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