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April 10, 2019

Garrison discusses views on Israel, Trump’s tax returns, and Obama’s comments on the rigidity of progressives

By Rainey Center

Bishop Garrison, president and co-founder of the Rainey Center, and Brian Darling, president of Liberty Government Affairs, met again on MSNBC this past Sunday to discuss President Trump’s recent comments about Democrats views on Israel, as well as his reluctance to release his tax returns, and President Obama’s comments on the progressive “circular firing squad.”

Reacting to the president, Garrison clearly states that he doesn’t believe that the Democratic Party embodies any negative views against Jews, because the Democratic Party includes people from a diversity of cultures. The conversation then turned toward President Trump’s hesitation to release his tax returns. When asked why the American people shouldn’t consider this just another “witch hunt,” Garrison reminded viewers that presidential candidates have historically provided their tax returns.

Lastly, Garrison agreed with former President Obama’s recent comments from Berlin that rigidity among progressives in the United States is a problem similar to a “circular firing squad.” He encourages all progressive Americans to “remain flexible” and to recognize that authentic individuals with unique perspectives fall across the political spectrum.

Watch the full video below:

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