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March 27, 2019

Bishop Garrison calls for the Mueller report to be released unabbreviated

By Rainey Center

The release of the principal findings of the Mueller report last week has spurred speculation about the report’s contents from both parties. Rainey Center co-founder and president, Bishop Garrison, joined Brian Darling of Liberty Government Affairs to discuss the issue on MSNBC over the weekend.

On the issue of transparency, Garrison said, “I think this is a non-partisan issue at the end of the day. We both really want to know and see what is in the report in its entirety, unabbreviated.”

When asked about some Democrats claiming a coverup and Speaker Pelosi refusing confidential briefings surrounding the Mueller report, Garrison replied, “I don’t believe Speaker Pelosi is trying to move the goalposts. I think she’s doing what she can to take a tactical move here in order to see that that report is released in its entirety.”

The discussion ended with agreement that both sides want to see what is in the full report and then move forward. “We want to know what’s in the report,” Garrison said, “so we can move forward together as a nation.”

Watch the full segment here:

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