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March 26, 2019

Bishop Garrison in Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, calls on Trump to confront climate change

By Rainey Center

President Trump bears the responsibility to protect our country against harm, which includes responding to the national security threat of climate change. Rainey Center co-founder and president, Bishop Garrison, expanded on this topic in his journal article, “The President’s Constitutional Responsibility to Confront Climate Change and Invest in Renewable Energy for National Security,” that was included in volume 45 of Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly.

“Climate security is a growing issue of economic stability and that stability is a long-identified and understood issue of national security,” Garrison argues. “As Commander in Chief, it is up the president to act to protect American interests domestically and abroad.”

Although politicians and policymakers debate whether climate change is naturally occurring or is exacerbated by man, Garrison says it is a reality that needs to be confronted. He details the president’s constitutional duty as Commander in Chief to protect our nation from harm and shows how that should include the security risk of climate change. Garrison also argues that Congress should be allocating a budget to this cause.

“The future of American security, economic stability and growth, and the nation’s ability to be a global leader rests, in part, on how the government addresses climate change,” he says. In the article, Garrison elaborates on the implications of ignoring climate change in regard to legal precedent, our nation’s relationship with allied countries who are pursuing alternative energy options, future economic growth, the creation of jobs, and national security.

Read the full article here.

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