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March 5, 2019

Republicans are behind clean energy standards. Here’s how.

By Sarah Hunt

There is a new proposal out of California that might signal the future of clean energy standards for the rest of the country, because it’s a plan that conservative Republican are able to support. Rainey Center co-founder and CEO Sarah Hunt had an "Expert Voices" contribution at Axios yesterday discussing the details of the new proposal and why conservatives, who traditionally haven’t supported clean energy standards, should seriously consider this option.

The plan from California assemblyman Chad Mayes (R-Yuca Valley) calls for a “technology neutral” approach to the recommended clean energy standards. While “businesses are being required to limit greenhouse gas emissions,” Hunt explains that this approach means that “they are free to adopt whatever technology they decide is best to achieve the goal.”

The idea behind the tech neutral approach is that preserving as much freedom of choice as possible is what will make climate change legislation both practical from an economic standpoint and effective in meeting clean energy standards,” Hunt said. It’s for these reasons that Republicans are beginning to lead on clean energy in other states and at the federal level.

While we aren’t used to conservative leadership coming out of the state of California, we should watch this proposal closely to see how Republicans are changing the conversation about clean energy.

Read the full article here.

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