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November 8, 2018

Newly in control of House, Democrats still lacking plan to address climate change

By Rainey Center

An article at The Guardian published shortly before the midterm elections discussed how, even with the Democrats poised to regain control of the House of Representatives, they lacked a clear plan to address the issue of climate change.

This is despite the heavy use of environmental issues as talking points for Democratic congressional candidates seeking to differentiate themselves from their Republican opponents.

Several Democrats and environmental activists told The Guardian they expect to hold oversight hearings regarding several Trump administration policies, including rollbacks of certain environmental protections. There are not any developed plans for major legislation, although Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) was among those who believed incremental progress through bipartisan legislation was possible.

One challenge clear in Democrat's minds: the risk that conservative and moderate voters will oppose overreaching climate regulation because of the risk of raising the cost of living.

Polling has consistently showed climate change as a much lower priority for Republican voters than Democrats, but as Rainey Center co-founder and CEO Sarah Hunt pointed out, it is still a worthwhile effort for Democrats to offer an "alternative vision" on this important issue, even if they don't anticipate full acceptance by the Trump White House.

Read the full article here: 'Precious little': Democrats lack robust climate change plan despite global crisis

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