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September 27, 2018

COMMENTARY: How our national debt is a threat to national security

By Rainey Center

Rear Admiral (Ret.) Jamie Barnett, member of the Rainey Center Board of Directors, had an op-ed at The Hill this week discussing how America's growing national debt is a threat to our national security.

As Barnett writes, our spending has failed to bring the infrastructure improvements, solutions to our retirement and health systems, military strength, or other benefits that were often promised to justify the expenditures. Instead, the expanding debt -- along with the ever-increasing burden of the interest payments -- has put us in a weaker position regarding our national security:

As America is saddled with more and more debt, it becomes more and more vulnerable, less ready to act and certainly looks weaker...

Until our political leaders move the national debt to a central focus, view it as a threat to national security, and work for immediate and yet long-term non-partisan solutions, the U.S. is at risk. That risk may not be existential, but it is a deadly risk to American prosperity, our way of life, our leadership in the world and perhaps to our system of government.

Read the full op-ed here: The catastrophic threat to national security: Exploding debt.

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